White Pine Weathered Red Barn Boards

This 1921 barn wood is clean, denailed, and ready for your project!

The siding is all white pine. The boards are flat and there is very little decay. All the nails will be removed.
They are a nicely weathered red. They would look great in an Airbnb, restaurant, or other project.
The siding boards are 1″x 10″ and they are 10′ long. There are 80 siding boards.
There are about 700 linear feet or 600 square feet.
Price: $2.00 per square foot.

There are also some clear white oak boards. There are 2″x 4″s, 4″x 4″s, and 6″x 6″s.
2″x 4″ price: $0.75 per linear foot.
4″x 4″ price: $1.25 per linear foot.
6″x 6″ price: $ 1.75 per linear foot.

There are also some white pine roof rafters. They are all 2″x 6″s.
Price: $0.75 per linear foot.

Interested? Contact me now!

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