About Me

Hello, I’d like to introduce myself to all concerned: potential business clients and potential friends.

I was born Dennis Magee (henceforth Spike) in 1951, one of fourteen siblings, who learned to work and appreciate creation on a sharecropping dairy farm in Northwest IL. Other than a 2-year stint in the military, I’ve been in the Stockton IL area all my life. From my adolescent years I longed to be a farmer, but for various reasons it didn’t work out. I learned the plastering trade (not dry wall!) and was able to be creative in it until the Real Estate collapse. The construction trades can give a person a real appreciation for architecture and decor.

In a sense my early dream of farm work has come true, though I am disassembling instead of building. On a farmstead, I feel at home. Some refer to me as naive or archaic, but home is where the heart is, and I love and appreciate rural America (more as it was than is).

I believe I’m called to make a living (life experience) from reclaiming and marketing the precious, useful remains of our country’s back bone.

Hoping I can work to meet your needs!

Spike Magee